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    courage to make a declaration to Miss Larkins I picture Miss

    scraping, as he answered:

    as if he were answering something I had just said ‘I am glad of it

    I’m a mother myself’

    until another debtor, who shared the room with Mr Micawber,

    before, and refolding the letter, ‘it would be insupportable to me to

    David Copperfield

    we were already engaged—’

    David Copperfield

    My entrance, and my saying what I wanted, roused her It

    cheesemonger’s shop, and buy five thousand double-Gloucester

    Nobody answered


    occupation she was engaged, however interesting to her the

    on, and to skim away from me with a smoothness there was no

    circumstances, and the wind, and so forth; but I take my chance of

    ‘And was David good to you, child?’ asked Miss Betsey, when

    ‘This is a wild kind of place, Steerforth, is it not?’

    conclusions, in part upon my own experience of myself; and if it

    One day when Mr Creakle kept the house from indisposition,

    back!” If ever there’s a knock, Ham (partic’ler a soft knock), arter

    protruded from the place we stood upon, and overhung the deep

    emotion, ‘I never will desert Mr Micawber’

    and past the elms, and through the gate, and into the churchyard,

    ‘This is your doing, Peggotty, you cruel thing!’ said my mother

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘Oh no, Master Copperfield!’ he returned; ‘oh dear, no! Not to

    Yu Huan adjustable open sight, like the night happened some chaos in the mansion. I still smell floating chaos difficult Hugh.

    ‘And when you make use of your position of favouritism here,


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